Student Code of Conduct

The rules of the academy are made to ensure that you as a member have a safe training environment as well as a good atmosphere to train in.

It is essential that everyone obeys, and also supervises the adherence to these rules. Martial Art discipline is not only beneficial in the practice of the art but also in one’s daily life.

The rules

  • There is to be no swearing at any time by any Focus community members whilst representing the club (including instructors and parents).
  • All Focus Martial Arts members should not talk, be disruptive, or interrupt class while an Instructor is teaching. Show respect when entering and leaving the class at all times.
  • All Focus Martial Arts members must wear a full uniform in all classes unless otherwise stated by an Instructor.
  • In class, nails should be cut short to avoid scratching.
  • At events, all Focus Martial Arts representatives should support other members of the team when they compete.
  • At outside events, all parents must supervise their children at all times unless they are being supervised by another parent or Instructor.
  • All Focus Martial Arts club representatives are to be treated with respect at all times.
  • All license and training fees must be paid on time unless agreed otherwise. Unlicensed members cannot and will not be allowed to train, grade or compete in line with national governing body guidelines.
  • No form of bullying (emotional, or physical) will be tolerated at any time by Focus Martial Arts members. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a two-week ban.
  • If a member is to be absent from training for a significant length of time (i.e. more than two consecutive weeks) then they are expected to inform the instructors either personally or through another member.
  • Every effort must be made to arrive at class on time prior to the start of your class.
  • Equipment must be brought to classes at all times unless otherwise instructed.
  • All Focus Martial Arts students must listen, respect, and never talk back to or argue with their instructors, higher ranking students, or adult students.
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