Details of Membership

 Focus Martial Arts & Fitness is founded by a small group of Martial Artists; highly trained and qualified international fighters.

The club was created by the team to:

  1. Bring people together of all ages and abilities allowing them to learn together in a dedicated environment.
  2. Provide members with new opportunities and new goals to achieve.
  3. Educate and share their Martial Arts experience with children, teens and adults.

We offer classes with a range of instructors covering Boxing, Muay Thai, K1, Taekwondo and Fitness. We have our Dragons Academy (ages 4.5–8), Juniors Academy (9–13yrs), Juniors Advanced (9-13yrs) and Adults (14+).

Dragons, Juniors and Adults can progress through a structured belt system of 8 belts. For more information regarding belts, grading’s and progression please speak with a coach.

All instructors are CRB checked, and have received and gained qualifications in safe Martial Arts practice, sports development for children and first aid. Focus Martial Arts & Fitness also has a child protection policy in place for the safety of all students.

Equipment policy

For the safety of all students, equipment must be checked or purchased through an instructor.

Cancellation policy

Memberships require a minimum of one clear calendar month’s notice to cancel. All cancellations must be in writing to

Holiday policy

Student memberships are based on a 12-month period with two weeks in the Summer and two weeks at Christmas. No payment breaks can be taken without notice of illness.

Safeguarding policy

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