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The Magic of Martial Arts for Adults

The Magic of Martial Arts for Adults

Not Just Fights: Martial Arts as Your New Passion Martial arts, for many, bring to mind intense cinematic duels or the adrenaline of a competitive bout. Yet, beneath these layers of combat and competition, lies a journey – one of self-discovery, discipline, and...

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The Wonders of Martial Arts for Children

The Wonders of Martial Arts for Children

Unleashing Brilliance: Why Martial Arts is a Must for Every Child In our search to sculpt well-rounded, confident children, we often look towards activities that holistically contribute to their physical, mental, and emotional growth. Martial arts emerge as a beacon...

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The Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

In a world where technology often takes precedence over physical activity, finding ways to keep children active and engaged is essential. Martial arts is a fantastic avenue for children to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. In this blog post, we will...

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Our Class Reviews

Lesley GodwinLesley Godwin
15:35 15 Apr 22
If you’re thinking about doing martial arts, I highly recommend Focus. It’s a fantastic club with expert instructors who are passionate about helping members achieve their goals; whether it’s to improve technique, succeed in competitions or increase fitness. The friendly, supportive atmosphere makes it great fun too! I joined as a complete beginner and absolutely love it!
Rebecca HatchRebecca Hatch
14:44 13 Apr 22
This is such a fantastic club. My boys are age 11 and 14 and both have special needs. Liam the coach listened to what their needs were and was very understanding. They normally do not stick at anything for long but they started in September and just love going. They get very good support and guidance on techniques from Liam and the other coaches but they also get lots of praise for making progress and this has meant that both boys have grown in confidence and self esteem which is something they both struggle with. They have both worked hard towards their gradings and have gone on to their next level of belt. This class is fun, supportive and a great way for my boys to get fit and learn a new skill. Very highly recommend these classes.
Rebecca CottrellRebecca Cottrell
14:34 13 Apr 22
My daughter loves her kickboxing sessions, she has learnt so much from her coaches, Ven, Phil and Dan. It’s really helped with her confidence in taking part in activities with older children, currently the youngest in the session.The coaches have been great at making her feel comfortable and keeping her engaged in learning new and important life skills.
tristin whitetristin white
13:54 13 Apr 22
Such an amazing club for my daughter, she thoroughly enjoys her time at Focus Martial Arts and the instructores Ven and Dan were amazing with her as she was shy at first. They have taught her very well and is now full of confidence and learning new techniques all the time 🙂
Roxy MillerRoxy Miller
13:49 13 Apr 22
Amazing inclusive martial arts fitness club, has shown huge support to my daughter and encouraged her to join in and continue her martial arts experience. Thank you to all the amazing trainers.

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